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The Saricam Halk Egitimi Merkezi (Saricam Public Education Center) is a public educational institution affiliated with the Ministry of National Education’s Directorate General for Lifelong Learning. Saricam HEM, which provides training services all year, including weekends and evenings, performs tasks in accordance with the principles and objectives of non-formal education. Since 2010, Saricam HEM has been in charge of the implementation and planning of adult education services in the fields of education, training, guidance, information access, counseling, culture, arts, and sports. Saricam HEM organizes non-formal educational activities in collaboration with other public and private institutions, as well as volunteer organizations. Its primary responsibilities include conducting training activities as well as supporting and supervising training activities. Saricam HEM conducts activities aimed at ensuring the adaptation of adults who have not completed formal education to the technological, social, and cultural conditions that are evolving on a daily basis.

The region in which the institution is located has a population of 190.425 people, and the economic conditions and education level are poor. Educational activities are organized in the context of Lifelong Learning by taking into account the region’s educational, social, and cultural characteristics. Because the majority of people in the region are unaware of their needs, Saricam HEM conducts studies on a regular basis to raise awareness and increase adult people’s active participation in public life.

Saricam HEM’s social, cultural, vocational trainings and courses are planned in accordance with the society’s and people’s training needs, and are generally carried out with the participation of 12 people. The number of participants in trainings for disabled people, those living and working on the streets, convicts and detainees, drug addicts in treatment, and literacy can be less than 12. Literacy, family education, handicrafts, guidance and counseling courses, ICT, and English language courses are prioritized due to the region’s structure.

Saricam HEM is also authorized to conduct and supervise Turkish Language courses, various social and cultural courses, and professional activities / courses for Syrian adults living in the district’s refugee camp. Furthermore, training activities for the integration and adaptation of a large number of immigrants residing in various parts of the district are carried out.

Saricam HEM has conducted 1032 trainings/activities, with 20.335 people participating in the training activities, including 11,443 women and 8892 men. The training activities are carried out by the permanent teachers, master trainers and paid training instructors within the framework of the regulation on non-formal education institutions. The institution has 10 permanent teachers, 320 trainers, 4 administrators, 2 officers, and 4 attendants.

Saricam HEM offers a variety of training programs, workshops, and non-formal and informal activities. Saricam HEM implements training programs for adults focusing on New Technologies and Digital Skills, which are designed to be adapted to all levels and needs, as well as training for educators focusing on developing digital and ICT skills and how to use digital tools in learning environments. Saricam HEM implements activities for disadvantaged people and has gained expertise in social innovation and inclusion through collaboration with adult education institutions throughout Europe. Furthermore, Saricam HEM organizes activities to help low-skilled and low-qualified adults. English Language courses are offered by Saricam HEM at the A1, A2, and B1 levels.